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What you need to know about Authority Processing

On Tuesday, July 6th, 2010, another authority processing of the WYLD bibliographic database will begin. A copy of the bib database will be extracted and sent to the vendor LSSI (Library Systems and Services). This company will match the headings on our bib records against their authority file and validate our entries. The processing will include the validation of LC name and uniform title entries, LC subject headings, MeSH subject headings for medical terms, LC children's subject headings, and Genre subject headings. This entire process will take approximately two to three weeks. We expect the authorized bib records to be returned and loaded back into WYLD by the first of August.

When the processed records with authorized headings are loaded back into WYLD, those records will overlay the existing records in WYLD. For this reason it is important that libraries do not edit existing bibliographic records beginning July 6th. Any edits made to existing bib records will be lost when the database is reloaded because the records you've edited will be overlaid with the authorized version of those records.

****NOTE: Patron records are not affected in any way by this process. Patron records can be added, modified, and deleted as usual. The ability to circulate materials will continue as normal.

Things libraries can do from July 6th:

  1. Bring in NEW bibliographic records
  2. Edit NEW bibliographic records
  3. Add new call number records and item records to any bib record, existing & new
  4. Edit call number records and item records on any bib record, existing and new
  5. Delete item records on any bib record, existing and new
  6. Add, edit, overlay, or delete any on-the-fly records or acquisitions (on-order) records that do not have subject headings
  7. Delete bibliographic records
  8. Merge call numbers/copies on bib records


  1. Edit existing bib records
  2. Overlay existing bib records that have subject headings

Your updated record will be overlaid with the record you replaced when the database is reloaded.

If you have any questions, please contact Bobbi Thorpe, WYLD Database Manager, 307 777-3668 bobbi.thorpe@wyo.gov