Wyoming State Government 1999 Annual Report

July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999

Compiled by the Wyoming State Library, a division of the Department of Administration and Information

The Wyoming State Government Annual Report includes budget and program information from the five elected officials, cabinet-level agencies and the separate operating agencies, along with licensing board and commissions. All of the reports highlight the ou tcomes of the goals and objectives from the respective strategic plans.

The Annual Report is in a Portable Document Format (PDF) format which can be viewed using Acrobat Reader software. A link to download the free Acrobat reader is included.

Printed copies are available for $15. To order a copy, make a comment or suggestion, please contact:

Department of Administration and Information
State Library Division
Publications and Marketing Office
Supreme Court/State Library Bldg. G-12
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0060

In addition to its responsibility in producing this Annual Report, the Wyoming State Library is also the depository for documents produced by state agencies. WS 9-2-1026(c) requires state agencies to deposit seven copies of all publications with the state library. Please contact Emily Sieger, State Government Information Coordinator at 777-6955 or esiege@state.wy.us with questions about this requirement.

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Introductory materials

Elected officials

Cabinet Level Agencies

Separate Operating Agencies

Licensing Boards and Commissions

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