Wyoming State Government 1998 Annual Report

July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1998

Compiled by the Wyoming State Library, a division of the Department of Administration and Information
Document URL: http://will.state.wy.us/slpub/reports/1998/index.html
Last Modified: Wednesday March 21 2001

For the first time the Wyoming Government Annual Report is available in electronic format. The report is scanned into a Portable Document Format (PDF) format which can be viewed using Acrobat Reader software. A link to download the free Acrobat reader is also included.

The Annual Report includes budget and program information from the five elected officials, cabinet-level agencies and the separate operating agencies, along with licensing board and commissions. All of the reports highlight the outcomes of the goals and o bjectives from the respective strategic plans.

Printed copies are available for $15. To order a copy, make a comment or suggestion, please contact:

Department of Administration and Information
State Library Division
Publications and Marketing Office
Supreme Court/State Library Bldg. G-12
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0060

In addition to its responsibility in producing this Annual Report, the Wyoming State Library is also the depository for documents produced by state agencies. WS 9-2-1026(c) requires state agencies to deposit seven copies of all publications with the state library. Please contact Emily Sieger, State Government Information Coordinator at 777-6955 or esiege@state.wy.us with questions about this requirement.

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Introductory materials

Elected officials

Cabinet Level Agencies

Separate Operating Agencies

Licensing Boards and Commissions

Additional Agency Information

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