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March 2002, Volume 34, Number 3

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Resource Sharing Council
met March 20

Identifying statewide Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) needs was the main goal for the Resource Sharing Council (RSC) at its last meeting in March.

Approximately 15 people representing various types of libraries gatherered in Casper, March 20, to serve as a “think tank” for the State Library and assist with the development of the Wyoming Five-year Plan for Library Services and Technology Act funds.

The agenda included a review of the theme, strategies and outcomes of the past five years, a review of the LSTA evaluation and focus groups sessions and fixed costs in the state’s program.

In the 1998-2002 plan, there were three main themes:
  • continuing education and training,
  • networking, and
  • resource sharing.

For the next five-year plan, the group will be asked to identify the needs, assign priorities and strategies for addressing the needs, state the desired results and help to establish a timetable.

State Library staff will write the plan and ask the RSC to review it and comment before it is submitted to the Institute for Museums and Library Services at the end of July.

Returning members of the Council are Michelle Havenga, Jan Segerstrom, Frances Clymer, Kathy Carlson and Laurie Lye. Joining them will be Kay Carlson, Ruth Adelman, Dale Collum, Richard Landreth, Lynnette Anderson, Barbara Oakleaf, Karen Lange, Bonnie Hefeneider, Doug Bryant and Donna Ricks. Lesley Boughton, Jerry Krois, Joe French, Venice Beske and Chris Van Burgh represent the State Library at this session.

The RSC was constituted several years ago as a structure for getting input from the library community. The State Library Board has an interest in library development and sent representatives to the meeting as well.

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