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March 2002, Volume 34, Number 3

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WSL exception budget
amendment fails

There will be no extra funds in the Wyoming State Library budget for additional databases, telecommunications connectivity or high-density shelving.

Although the governor recommended the standard budget for the WSL, he did not support the exception budget requests for the division.

Rep. Wayne Johnson (R-Laramie) and Sen. Kathryn Sessions (D- Laramie) sponsored an amendment that would have provided $750,000 for additional databases and connectivity, but the amendment failed. No direct attempt was made to restore funding for the shelving that would have been used to store the U.S. Congressional Serials set at the WSL.

The Wyoming Library Association supported the increases for the databases and connectivity since the funding would have benefited all state residents.

Carol Thomas, WLA legislative committee chair, expressed regret at the failure of the amendment.

In a statement to association members she said: “The more we learn, and the more we participate in the whole legislative process, the more impact we will have as a political entity. We need to keep our faces, our issues, our libraries in front of legislators on a regular basis. I have been corresponding with a number of them lately, and they are interested in what we have to say. Networking may be an overused word, but the concept is sound and the practice effective.”

On Feb. 26, 2002, WLA hosted members of the Legislature at an annual reception in Cheyenne. Approximately 50 librarians from around the state attended and 44 legislators.

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