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February 2002, Volume 34, Number 2

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New system will go live in July 2002
WSL enters into formal contract
with Sirsi Corp. for integrated
library system
SIRSI contract signing
Frank Galeotos, director of the Department of Administration, signed his name to the contract between the WSL and Sirsi Corp. while Brian Greene, WYLD manager, Marc Stratton, WYLD systems manager, Bobbi Thorpe, database manager, and Lesley Boughton, Wyoming state librarian, assist.

Sirsi Corporation and the Wyoming State Library have entered into a formal contract for the new integrated library system.

On Feb. 7, 2002, Lesley Boughton, state librarian; Rob Lanter, assistant attorney general; and Frank Galeotos, director of the Department of Administration and Information, signed the contract.

In January, the Wyoming Libraries Database (WYLD) System Assessment Team recommended a “letter of intent” for the new ILS be sent to Sirsi Corp., which allowed for the start of negotiations.
SIRSI contract signing
Rob Lanter, assistant attorney general, signs his portion of the Wyoming State Library and Sirsi Corp. contract.

Training for the new system will be aggressive and will begin in April. Chris Van Burgh, WSL outreach coordinator, will serve as the training coordinator. Training will be delivered on-site in every county in a 12-week span and will include both system overview for all staff and specialized training. Media training materials will also be developed to accompany site training.

The new system will go live in July 2002.

Muriel Lynne Bartholomae has been named the Sirsi project manager for Wyoming. She will make her initial visit to WSL March 5 to 7.
SIRSI contract signing
Gary Poch, shipping and receiving was the last WSL staff member to handle the contracts.

More information and a timeline can be found at . For more information on Sirsi, visit Questions or comments may be directed to Lesley Boughton, state librarian, at 800/264-1281, press 1 to continue, then 5, 307/777-5911 or

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