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August 2002
Volume 34, No. 8

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Lincoln County Library
director enjoys retirement

Mary Lynn Corbett retired after serving as Lincoln County Library director for the past for 11 years.

Prior to that, she spent 12 years working for Natrona County Public Library where she held a variety of positions. Her main responsibility, however, has always been public service.

Corbett recognizes the need for providing sufficient service to library patrons.

“If libraries don’t provide service, they will not continue to exist,” Corbett said. “If we don’t provide it, there are other ways people will get the information they need.”

Many challenges

Corbett said she has faced many challenges throughout her career, but her biggest challenge was probably dealing with the introduction of computers into the library and providing new automated systems.

“That’s is a continuing challenge for those who grew up without those kinds of things . . . without automation.”

Another factor that amplified this challenge was “the incredible speed with which things change in automation.”

Corbett has been a part of the automation in Wyoming since its early years and has witnessed the growth of the WYLD System.

She was involved with helping Lincoln County becoming part of the WYLD System and worked to get all the branch libraries in the county online as well.

What she'll miss

Corbett said what she will miss the most is frequently seeing and visiting with all the people and knowing what is going on in the town and in the county.

“I have a lot of years of my life invested here,” she said. “They’ve been very happy years for me. I’ve been very happy here in Lincoln County.”

However, Corbett is excited to have more freedom and more time to spend on her hobbies. She looks forward to doing bird watching and reading. She also wants to spend more time being a historian of Lincoln County, and is glad that she will be able to help out more and do more volunteer work for the Fossil County Museum where she is on the board.

As far as her future plans, Corbett plans on traveling a little more to other places in Wyoming and wants to spend more time with her family. She eventually wants to move back to Casper where her daughter and grandsons live.

Corbett has provided many years of service to libraries in Wyoming.

“Library work is an interesting field,” Corbett said. “It’s work that I’ve enjoyed doing.”

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