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August 2002
Volume 34, No. 8

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WYLD training CD-ROM
to help library patrons

A CD-ROM training program will be sent out this fall by the Wyoming State Library (WSL) that will help users learn how to use the new automated system.

This will be the first training material offered to the public that will be on a CD-ROM format.

Helping patrons

It is directed at helping library patrons become more familiar with the new system and its features, allowing them to navigate through the system faster and easier.

Lesley Boughton, state librarian, Chris Van Burgh, outreach librarian, and Linn Rounds, publications manager, have been working on this project since last fall. Requests for bid proposals went out in February, which set the process in motion.

Six companies were evaluated on their time schedule of work, flexible architecture, their technical and creative abilities, vendor qualifications and cost analysis.

"How to" questions

Mirage, a multimedia company from Boulder, Colo., began working on the project and the team began developing a script. Within the script, the CD-ROM will answer “how to” questions, such as how to change a pin number, how to put a hold on library materials and how to conduct a search.

It will explain the key features of the system and how to use them.

Approximately 2,500 copies of this CD-ROM will be distributed to county libraries across Wyoming and it will offer both an English and Spanish language version.

The idea came after librarians requested training material be available in a CD-ROM format. This will probably be the first of many such training materials available in that format to come in the future.

Beta version tested

A Beta version of the CD-ROM was taken to Torrington and tested on library patrons ages 10 to 55. Overall, comments about the program were very positive. Patrons especially liked the Kids Catalog feature and that they were able to check their personal accounts.

When asked about the CD-ROM, Isabel Hoy, Goshen County Library director, said, “It was terrific, because we had a good sampling and people gave good constructive responses.”

Hoy said the program is very good because, “The patrons can teach themselves, and it will open more potential if they can go through it and learn on their own.”

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