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August 2002
Volume 34, No. 8

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State Library offers
help to trustees

One of the newest projects to come out of the publications department of the Wyoming State Library is a compendium of Trustees’ Corner columns.

The columns are featured regularly in The Outrider, and are written by Jerry Krois, deputy state librarian.

Krois commented, “Trustee education is important to us at the State Library and this publication is one tool that we hope will help trustees.”

The booklets were sent to all of the county libraries and the library boards.

Anyone who did did not receive a copy or would like more, please contact Linn Rounds at 307/777-5915 or Candice VanDyke at 307/777-6338, or call the toll free number 800/264-1281, option 6 (in state use only).

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