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August 2002
Volume 34, No. 8

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Director’s handbook
nearing publication

A Wyoming Public Library Directors’ Handbook will soon be sent to public library directors.

A committee was organized to create a handbook that would serve as a reference tool for new library directors.

Patty Myers, Platte County; Isabel Hoy, Goshen County; Lucie Osborn, Laramie County; Susan Simpson, Albany County; Jill Mackey, Crook County; Marcia Wright, Campbell County and Jerry Krois and Joe French, Wyoming State Library are members of the committee.

The handbook was compiled and designed by Margaret Grinnell, a Wyoming State Library publications intern.

The purpose of the handbook is to provide a place for directors to look up questions relating to their job including information about finances, policies and procedures, Wyoming Library Laws, Employment Laws, and organizational and external relationships.

“I am truly pleased and excited about the information organized for incoming directors,” Myers said. “It is a good group effort to help newcomers to the state community of public directors.”

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