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Wyoming Federal Depository Library Consortium Meeting

March 23 2000
University of Wyoming Coe Library Room 115

Tim Byrne, University of Colorado Boulder
Katherine Powell, University Libraries
Diana Shelton, University Libraries
Heidi Campbell-Dolinar, University Libraries
Beth Downing, University Libraries
Colin Toenjes, University Libraries
Renae Arends, University Law Library
Carol Brown, Western Wyoming Community College
Ernestine Gamble, Rock Springs Library
Katie Jones, NWCCD, Sheridan College Library
Diana Oedekoven, NWCCD, Gillette Campus Library
Angela Pelkey, Natrona County Public Library
Ara Anderson, Campbell County Public Library
Mikki Thomas, Campbell County Public Library
Kay Carlson, Northwest College Library
Deb Kelly, Northwest College Library
Carol Deering, Central Wyoming College Library (Speaker phone)
Kristy Hardtke, Central Wyoming College Library (Speaker phone)
Ann Fair, Wyoming State Law Library
Alta Hepner, Wyoming State Library
Emily Sieger, Wyoming State Library
Karen Mydland, Wyoming State Library
Bobbi Thorpe, Wyoming State Library
Trish Palluck, Wyoming State Library
Venice Beske, Wyoming State Library

Following is a summary of the meeting.

  1. Keith Cottam, University Librarian, welcomed everyone after which the attendees introduced themselves.
  2. Tim Byrne, Regional Librarian discussed a number of issues:
    Discard Lists
    1. During the last year, he has distributed 270 discard lists from WY and CO depositories; he has 30 lists waiting to be distributed.
    2. When compiling discard lists, shorter lists are easier to review. Try to follow the guidelines of one shelf of publications/list and organizing the list by Sudoc number.
    3. Under the "Cornwall Rule," microfiche don't have to be put on a discard list. However, if you are discarding a large set (Eg. DOE microfiche or USGS Open-file reports) Tim suggested that it be put on the list as a set.
    Electronic Records
    1. Tim gets the change records through Marcive and creates a list of new URLs; the list is placed on the ALA Godort Cataloging Committee's home page:
    2. Recommends Tom Tyler's list of electronic resources
    3. GPO staff is unable to keep up with all of the URL changes; as we see broken URLs, we should send corrections to Ask LPS.
    4. GPO has joined OCLC's CORC project; the CORC database is seeded with GPO records.
  3. Emily Sieger, Wyoming State Library GIS Project Coordinator
    1. Emily reported on the status of the GIS Project; she recommended that we review the GIS page on the State Library's home page
    2. Suggested that the role of libraries with GIS is twofold-archiving data and providing access to data through cataloging
  4. Cataloging
    Marcive Project for WYLD Depositories
    1. Karen Mydland lead a discussion on how to handle tax publications records on WYLD, particularly the T 22.44/2: series. An attempt will be made to locate serial records for each title and delete the records for individual years. However, there are not serial records for all the publications. Tim Byrne reminded everyone that "GPO has given permission to depositories to not keep item level records for up to two item numbers." For example, a depository could decide that it would not keep records for the T22.44/2 series and the topo maps.
    2. Karen reminded everyone that there are some extra location codes left in case depositories need them.
    3. In his discussion on electronic records, Tim recommended that WYLD libraries subscribe to Marcive's "change records" service. A retrospective file back to 1995 is available as well as regular updates. The State Library will research costs involved and let WYLD libraries know what their costs would be.
    Marcive Project for UW Libraries
    1. The UW is in the process of preparing for migration to a new online system and is attempting to get the records from the Marcive load reviewed so that they will all load into the new system. Generally, even though the UW had the same profiling problems that WYLD libraries experienced, they are happy with the results.
    What's next for Cataloging of Federal Publications?
    1. Everyone agrees that our next project should be getting pre-1976 publications and Wyoming-related publications cataloged. Federal departments of particular interest include agriculture, interior, education and the president's office. A committee was formed that will explore a retrospective cataloging project and possible funding through grants. Committee members include Katie Jones/Debbie Iverson/Diana Oedekoven , Deb Kelly, Tim Byrne, UW representative, Trish Palluck, Alta Hepner and Venice Beske.

    The committee will have an outline for the project completed by the May 19 WYLD users meeting in Riverton. Libraries will be contacted by e-mail about the specific agencies and series that they would like to see catalogued first.

  5. 5. Statewide Collection Development 1) Statewide collection development may be an issue that the Statewide Resource Sharing Council addresses. It would be useful to have the consortium represented in that forum. In the meantime, the pre-1976 cataloging project committee will address cooperative collection development as it relates to that project.
  6. Future of Depositories in Wyoming Carol Deering discussed the problems that Central Wyoming College Library is facing regarding staffing and retaining the depository. A number of suggestions were given to Carol regarding ways she could respond. Tim suggested that even if they need to decrease their item selection rate, they should retain depository status and keep Tim informed as to the situation.
  7. Training and Marketing
    1. Essential to assuring that librarians and citizens know what is available
    2. Training is needed by depository librarians AND librarians in non-depository libraries that are asked questions about sources available electronically. This will become increasingly important as records for Internet documents become more abundant on WYLD.
    3. Although everyone agreed that training was the highest priority, there was also a discussion on marketing government information. Some of the ideas mentioned included:
      • Linking to the community pages that Wyoming Network is developing
      • Keeping lists of titles in specific subject areas Eg. Education, and notifying clients that would be interested in them
      • Finding out about subject lists and using them as a contact point for announcement etc.
      • Using all media sources to distribute information about depositories, etc.
      • Putting a link to GPO access on the main WYLD page
      • Distributing news releases through the State Library's Publications Office
  8. State Plan Development During the next year, the consortium will be developing a state plan for government information. It will cover government information from all levels of government. A draft plan will be developed by the committee: Katie Jones, Ara Anderson, Kay Carlson, Tim Byrne, UW Representative, Karen Mydland and Venice Beske.
  9. On behalf of the Consortium, I want to thank the UW Library personnel for their hospitality and good food. Also, thanks to everyone for their attendance and participation.

    Venice Beske
    March 30, 2000

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