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Wyoming Federal Depository Library Consortium

WYFDLC (Wyoming Federal Depository Library Consortium)
Meeting Agenda
August 7-8, 1997

Thursday, August 7, 2:00-6:00
State Library Conference Room

2:00 p.m.

Welcome from State Librarian, Helen Meadors
Review of Agenda

2:15-3:15 Marcive Project

3:15 Break

3:30 10 minute tour of WSL

3:45 Announcements

  • Regional Library Status
  • Contract
  • Depository Library Lists from Utah Depositories
  • GPO Regional Meeting in Minneapolis
  • GPO Access Status
  • WLA Programs
  • Dinner

4:00 Self-Study/GPO Inspection from the Consortium's perspective

5:30 Wyoming State and Local Documents or Now that we have federal publications under control??@!!...

6:00 Adjourn

Friday, August 8, 8:00-12:00

6:00 a.m. Leave from State Library. State van will be available for those who want to carpool

8:00-12:00 Self-Study Workshop presented by Tim Byrne, Regional Depository Librarian
Tour of CU-Boulder Library

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Return to Cheyenne; Consortium meeting adjourned (Marcive Project discussion if needed or desired)

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