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Statutory Authority

Wyoming Statute on Filing of State Publications -- see WS 9-2-1026.6 (c)

9-2-1026.6.  State librarian; appointment; qualifications;
filing of state publications; deposit of designated documents;
exchange of session laws.
    (c)  For purposes of maintaining a state publications
depository system, up to seven (7) copies of each publication
issued by a state officer, commission, commissioner or board of a
state institution shall be deposited with the state library for
distribution as follows:
      (i)  Three (3) copies to the state library permanent file;
      (ii)  Two (2) copies to the university library;
      (iii)  One (1) copy to the library of congress;
      (iv)  One (1) copy to the council of state governments; and
      (v)  The total number of copies and distributions may be
modified at the discretion of the state librarian.

Trish Palluck
State Government Information Coordinator

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