Carol McMurry Library Endowment
Wyoming Community Foundation

Library Grants

Individual Grants

Carol McMurry Library Endowment - Strengthening Wyoming Libraries

The Carol McMurry Library Endowment was established in 2000 within the Wyoming Community Foundation to provide support to Wyoming librarians and publicly accessible Wyoming libraries in three areas:

Education & Training (Library and Individual)
Library Resources
Library Foundation Development

Application Deadlines for Library grants are:

June 15 with notification about September 15 
December 15 with notification about March 15 

Application Deadlines for competitive Individual Continuing Education grants are:

January 31, March 31, May 31, July 31, September 30, November 30

The Endowment encourages applications that are multi-institutional. This can include headquarters and branches, libraries of different types in a community, libraries in neighboring counties, or type of libraries.

Applications from county libraries should be submitted through the library's 501[c]3 foundation.

Library awards follow a multi-step process:

  1. Applications are only accepted by the stated deadlines.
  2. The Wyoming Community Foundation makes an award approximately 120 days after the deadlines. (Individual Grants are made within 30 days after the deadlines)
  3. The WCF issues a check, award letter, and conditions of the award.
  4. The library or foundations returns the signed agreement.
  5. The WCF sends a check in the amount of the award upon receipt of the signed agreement.
  6. The library prepares a news release on its award.
  7. The library initiates and completes the project.
  8. The library submits a financial and results report.

 Competitive Individual awards follow the following process:

  1. Applications are accepted by the stated deadlines.
  2. Individuals need 12 months employment at the current library to be considered for a grant. The 12 months employment must be completed at the time the application is submitted.
  3. The Wyoming Community Foundation makes an individual continuing education grant about 30 days after the deadlines.
  4. The WCF issues a check, award letter, and conditions of the award.
  5. The individual attends or participates in the education or training event.
  6. The individual submits a financial and results report to the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Library projects and individual awards are for future use. The Endowment does not reimburse for past projects, or current projects (i.e., projects already started or will be started prior to the award letter).

Grant writing support and more information about the Carol McMurry Library Endowment is available from Jamie Markus at the Wyoming State Library at (307) 777-5914 or