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Discover it, Try it, Learn it

This program consists of eight video sessions that focus on the GOWYLD databases. Play the videos (Discover it), do the exercises (Try it) and utilize the resources (Learn it) to assist patrons, train staff, work with students, and to enhance your own research.

Database Webinars

  • CultureGrams
    Everyday many countries and cultures are in the news. Use CultureGrams to discover customs and lifestyles, gather background information, and get a perspective on daily life. Join Chris Van Burgh for a look at this resource that is great for kids and adults. (Alternate Video Link). September 2016 - 17 minutes

  • Explore Explora
    Join us as we explore EBSCO's 3 new research portals: Public Library, Primary and Secondary School. (Alternate Video Link). August 2016 - 17 minutes

  • Discover Two In Context Databases: U.S. History and World History
    A look at two of our In Context databases: World History and U.S. History. Look at features for highlighting. Locate video, images and reference material. (Alternate Video Link). July 2016 - 19 minutes

  • Resources for Summer Reading 2016
    In this webinar, we will explore some or our resources using the 2016 Summer Reading themes: On your mark, get!, the teen program, Get in the game: Read!, and the adult program, Exercise your mind. Read! (Alternate Video Link). June 2016 - 32 minutes

  • GoWYLD on a Bicycle
    In honor of National Bike Month, we’ll explore a few databases using the bicycle as our search topic. Among others, we will look at Wyoming Inventors, Novelist Plus, and Science In Context. (Alternate Video Link). May 2016 - 33 minutes

  • Discover the Arts in
    Let's explore the arts! You will find quite a variety of resources in -- everything from The Vogue Archive, articles on film making, architecture, American art, and more. (Alternate Video Link). April 2016 - 32 minutes

  • Biography Resources in
    We will look at Biography In Context and Britannica, and then move on to some history and literature databases. (Alternate Video Link). March 2016 - 31 minutes

  • Resources for Kids K-8
    In this webinar we will explore National Geographic Kids, Explora Primary, Kids InfoBits, Britannica, and Middle Search, Research In Context and Bookflix. (Alternate Video Link). February 2016 - 38 minutes

  • Health Resources in
    Resources for health and medicine in (Alternate Video Link). January 2016 - 38 minutes

  • SIRS Discoverer
    Come check out SIRS Discoverer. A great resource for use in public libraries, schools, and from home. Those in grades 1-9 can find information on a research topic. SIRS Discoverer includes Pro/Con Leading Issues, non-fiction books, Science Fair Explorer, and Animal Facts. (Alternate Video Link). December 2015 - 21 minutes

  • Wyoming History Day 2016
    We use the 2016 Wyoming History Day theme -- Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History -- to explore some of our databases. In this webinar we look at several of the In Context databases (Science, Biography, World History), History Study Center, ProQuest Newspapers, and ProQuest Learning: Literature. Accompanying research guide available. (Alternate Video Link). November 2015 - 27 minutes

  • Literature Resource Center
    Come check out the new look to Gale's Literature Resource Center. You can access this new interface from the banner on Literature Resource Center. The switch happens December 20th. In Literature Resource Center you can browse featured authors and works, find literary criticism, conduct a search for people or works, and much more (Alternate Video Link) October 2015 - 23 minutes

  • Research in Context
    Come take a look at Gale's new interface for middle school. It bridges the gap between Kid InfoBits and the other In Context resources. (Alternate Video Link) September 2015 - 21 minutes

  • Countries and Cultures
    Curious about different Cultures and Countries? Check out a few of the resources to explore countries and cultures. We will look at Culturegrams, Mango Languages, Research In Context, Kid InfoBits and Britannica Library. (Alternate Video Link) August 2015 - 19 minutes

  • Explora Public Library
    Check out Explora Public Library, a new interface from EBSCO. This interface will allow you to search a variety of EBSCO databases to retrieve articles, primary source documents, biographies, news items and more. (Alternate Video Link) July 2015 - 18 minutes

  • Resources and Summer Reading 2015
    In this webinar, we will explore some or our resources using the 2015 Summer Reading themes, Every Story has a Hero and Unmask! (Motivating teens to read and discuss literature). (Alternate Video Link) June 2015 - 27 minutes

  • resources and One Book Wyoming 2015
    One Book Wyoming 2015 will drive this webinar. This year includes 3 titles by Cat Urbigkit: Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs, The Guardian Team: On the job with Rena and Roo, and Shepherds of Coyote Rocks. We will look at resources that support the many themes and discussions, including our summer reading theme, Every Hero a Story. (Alternate Video Link) May 2015 - 31 minutes

  • Poetry Sources in
    As we begin National Poetry Month, join me to look at some of the resources you can find in Literature Online (including Poets Onscreen) and ProQuest Learning: Literature. Also, Chadwyk-Healey Literature Collections, Novelist Plus, and Britannica. (Alternate Video Link) April 2015 - 38 minutes

  • Sciences Sources in
    From geology to gene therapy; astronomy to animals; Fibonacci to Feynman, you will find it in one of the many databases in We will explore sources for kids and adults. (Alternate Video Link) March, 2015 - 40 minutes

  • Shakespeare in
    We will explore the many resources in that focus on Shakespeare's life and works. (LION, ProQuest Learning: Literature, and Britannica, and others, with incredible content such as Poets Onscreen, Shakespeare Audio Plays and Study Guides.)  (Alternate Video Link) February, 2015 - 36 minutes

  • Health Resources in
    Whether you are looking for help with a New Year's resolution, needing information about a condition or drug, or working on a research assignment, there are tools to use in (Alternate Video Link) January, 2015 - 35 minutes

  • Books in
    In this webinar we will take a look at Novelist Plus, Novelist K-8 Plus, Books and Authors and Bookflix. We will also explore a few sets within other resources (SIRS Discoverer, National Geographic Kids and Learning Express Library). Included will be information on ebooks and audio books. Check out the flier, Cuddle up with a good book!, Flier here. (Alternate Video Link) December, 2014 - 51 minutes

  • Back to Basics
    In this webinar we will review the databases listed on the "General" subject page on and then explore three in more detail: General One File from Gale, MasterFile Premier from EBSCO and ProQuest Central. (Alternate Link) December, 2014 - 32 minutes

  • LearningExpress Library 3.0
    Made up of centers, this resource can help with everything from 4th grade math to High School logic and reasoning skills, from learning about a career to taking an entrance exam, from preparing for the GED to Becoming a U.S. Citizen. And, much, much more! You'll find practice tests, skill building exercises, interactive tutorials, and ebooks. Centers include: School Center, High School Equivalency Center, College Prep Center, Adult Learning Center, Career Center, and Recursos en espanol. (Alternate Link) October, 2014 - 22 minutes

  • National Geographic Virtual Library
    Join Chris and explore this wonderful addition to our databases. The Virtual Library includes the complete archive of National Geographic magazine - every page of every issue from 1888 to the present - along with a searchable collection of National Geographic books, maps, images and videos. Now includes National Geographic Kids.(Alternate Link) September, 2014 - 26 minutes

  • Smithsonian Collections Online
    New to the resources, Smithsonian Collections Online. Browse magazines, search topics, explore collections. Smithsonian Collections Online include Smithsonian Magazine and Air & Space Magazine, plus, two collections: World's Fairs and Expositions: Visions of Tomorrow and Trade Literature and the Merchandizing of Industry. (Alternate Link) August, 2014 - 25 minutes

  • Getting Acquainted with Novelist Plus and Novelist K-8 Plus
    Come take a look at one of the newest additions to, Novelist Plus and Novelist K-8 Plus. This resource includes recommended reading for fiction and non-fiction; tools and training for reader’s advisory and common core; books for adults and kids; and, audiobook recommendations. Also, be sure to check out the What will you read after Divergent? handout. July, 2014 - 38 minutes

  • Britannica Library-A New Look for Spring
    Three sites in one: Children, Young Adults and Reference Center. Join Chris Van Burgh to learn more about the update to Britannica Online called Britannica Library.Promotional Handout. March, 2014 - 29 minutes

  • History Study Center 2014
    This resource contains a collection of digitized primary and secondary sources. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from high school students to researchers, and is great for quick and reliable facts on a historical topic, as well as, hard-to-find primary source texts. You’ll find reference books, essays, journal articles, historical newspaper and magazine articles, maps, rare books, government documents, transcripts of historical speeches, images and video clips covering ancient times to present. There are also Study Units covering 500 historical topics.(Promotional Handout, Research Guide to History Resources, Alternate Link) February, 2014 - 38 minutes

  • A look at LION
    In this webinar we will go from the current platform to the new version that will be coming soon. LION includes over 350,000 works of poetry, prose and drama from the 8th to the 21st century with a huge library of criticism and reference material, including thousands of literary articles, essays, biographies and encyclopedia entries. Literature Online also includes audio and video content through its Poets on Screen recordings of poets reading their own and others' works and the Shakespeare Audio Plays collection.(Promotional Handout, Alternate Link) January, 2014 - 36 minutes

  • Food, Festivities, and Fiction (and a pinch of poetry)
    For December’s Database of the Month, we will explore some of our great resources using food and celebrations as our theme. Bookflix (resource for grades PreK-3 that pairs classic fictional video storybooks with related eBooks. Animation, audio and interactive games are designed to reinforce core reading skills), Novelist and Novelist K-8 (fiction database designed for readers in all genres), and LION (more than 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose, 328 full-text literature journals, and other key criticism and reference resources.(Promotional Handout, Alternate Link) December, 2013 - 28 minutes

  • The New
    Join the Wyoming State Library for a look at some of the updates available on the new Library of Congress website Beginning in November, will transform the Library of Congress's existing congressional information system into a modern, durable and user-friendly resource. Eventually, it will incorporate all of the information available on We will look at some of the updates available on this new Library of Congress database. November, 2013 - 25 minutes

  • World Conflict
    There is so much going on in our world. Let’s take a look at some of our GoWYLD databases that will help us have a better understanding on what, why, where. We will explore SIRS Issues Researcher, History Study Center, Global Issues In Context, and more. Find background information, study guides, images and video, chronology and cultural information. Resources for adults and kids.(Promotional Handout, Alternate Link) November, 2013 - 26 minutes

  • ProQuest Learning: Literature
    Are you struggling with Kafka? Want to know more about Catcher in the Rye? Interested in hearing Robert Bly read his poetry? Come check out ProQuest Learning: Literature. A great source for finding authors, criticism, study guides, multimedia and more. It is designed for K-12 students, but most everyone will find it useful. (Promotional Handout, Alternate Link) October, 2013 - 23 minutes

  • eLibrary Curriculum Edition
    eLibrary Curriculum is a great place to to explore, whether you are in a school or public library. Look here for world events, literature, history, sciences, and more. You will find full-text magazine and newspaper articles, radio and tv transcripts, maps, government publications, photos and video. From eLibrary Curriculum Edition you can access History Study Center and ProQuest Learning: Literature. September, 2013 - 33 minutes Also, be sure to watch the History Study Center and ProQuest Learning: Literature webinars above.

  • Britannica School
    Check out the new Britannica School. New look, new features; content to support CCSS and STEM. Over 140,000 articles of informational text provide a variety of text complexity covering all subject areas. Rich multi-media content including thousands of video and audio files, maps, illustrations and photos are available to view, download and use. Join Chris Van Burgh for a quick tour of this great GoWYLD resource. (Alternate Link) August, 2013 - 39 minutes

  • How does your garden grow?
    Let’s use gardening as a topic to review some of our basic GoWYLD databases: EBSCO’s Masterfile, Gale’s General One File, and ProQuest’s eLibrary Curriculum Edition and SIRS Discoverer. We’ll look at finding full text and what to do if you have an abstract. July, 2013 - 27 minutes Note: due to funding issues, some Gale resources mentioned in this webinar may no longer be available.

  • Wyoming Trademarks Database
    Join the Wyoming State Library for an introduction to our new Wyoming Trademarks Database. The Wyoming Database of State Trademarks currently covers state trademarks issued between 1906-current located at the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office. Learn the difference between a state trademark and a federal trademark, along with some basic search strategies using the Wyoming Trademarks Database. June, 2013 - 14 minutes

  • Mango for Libraries
    Ahhh, summer. Fresh mangos...oh, wait, not that kind of mango. Come check out Mango languages for libraries. Just in time for summer travel or practicing from your lawn chair. Mango is a quick intro. to language and culture. Here you can learn Italian, Swedish, Latin, biblical Hebrew, Russian, and Pirate! There are 49 languages plus ESL courses. Join Chris Van Burgh for a quick tour of this great GoWYLD resource. (Alternate Link) June, 2013 - 20 minutes

  • Statistical Insights and Statistical Abstract
    Check out one of our newest additions to Statistical Insights provides access to State, Federal, and International statistical publications and the content of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Whether you are helping a student who is frustrated trying to find statistical information or you are trying to locate statistics in the news, Statistical Insights is a good one to add to your reference kit. April, 2013 - 33 minutes

  • CultureGrams
    Want to know more about the world's newest country? Need to find out more about a country in the news? Do you have students that are studying a country? Come and check out CultureGrams. You'll find editions for kids (country, state, province) and an edition for adults. Up to date cultural information, including country data, customs and lifestyle, recipes, photos and government. (Alternate Link) March, 2013 - 27 minutes

  • Tools you can use
    This webinar will be about the resources available to you to learn about the GoWYLD databases. (Databases Blog, Research Guides (LibGuides), vendor information, tutorials). (Alternate Link) January, 2013 - 19 minutes

  • Biography Resources
    In this webinar we will explore the many GoWYLD resources that include biographical information. Public library or school, adults or kids…there are resources to meet your needs. A few that we will look at: Biography in Context, Britannica, LION, Twayne’s Authors Online (ebook), Masterfile Premier, SIRS Discoverer. (Alternate Link) December, 2012 - 30 minutes

  • This program is brought to you by the letter P
    Over the next few months we will add to our Database of the Month webinars, a look at some resources that only go together alphabetically. You may not have come across them before, so come check them out! You may discover some great new tools for your patrons and students. This month will include Paley Center Seminars, Primary Search, ProQuest Central, ProQuest Learning-Literature, ProQuest African American Heritage and PubMed. (Alternate Link) September, 2012 - 39 minutes

  • ProQuest Central
    ProQuest Central is a multidisciplinary database with over 19,370 titles—with over 13,010 titles in full text. Over 160 subjects areas are covered extensively in this product including art, business and economics, health and medical, news and world affairs, technology, social sciences and more. July, 2012 - 29 minutes

  • Finding Full Text Articles
    Looking for articles? Want to save you ILL dollars? This month's webinar will focus on finding full text articles within the many subscription databases in GoWYLD June, 2012 - 18 minutes

  • Resources for Kids
    Whether it is for fun, homework, or curiosity, you will find a great resource in GoWYLD. We will explore a variety of resources appropriate for kids, such as Kids Search, Searchasaurus, Bookflix, Britannica for Kids, and Middle Search. May, 2012 - 47 minutes

  • Stat!Ref
    Stat!Ref is a collection of nearly three dozen nursing, health care, and pharmacy resources. Stat!Ref includes full-text journals, evidence-based, point-of-care and authoritative resources. April, 2012 - 20 minutes

  • Nuggets of Knowledge from the NLM: Medical Resources
    This is the third segment of a three part webinar series. Jim Honour, Wyoming Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) provides instruction on basic searching and features of PubMed, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) along with the MyNCBI feature. Visit the following websites to participate in the exercises mentioned in this program:,, March, 2012 - 42 minutes

  • Ebooks & Other Downloadables
    Learn more about downloadable audiobooks and ebooks available from GoWYLD. We'll discuss basics of the services, where to find help, and what's coming in the future. March, 2012 - 56 minutes

  • All the News that's Fit to Search
    Genealogy, history, current events? Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles, Wyoming? Join Chris Van Burgh to check out the variety of newspapers available through GoWYLD. (Alternate Link) February, 2012 - 38 minutes

  • Nuggets of Knowledge from the NLM: Consumer Health Resources
    This is the second segment of a three part webinar series. Jim Honour, Wyoming Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) will present the workhorse NLM consumer health resources. He will demonstrate how to harvest information on safety of household products, drugs, genetics, health tutorials and other topics. February, 2012 - 47 minutes

  • Nuggets of Knowledge from the NLM: Resources for children and educators, with emphasis on environmental health
    This is the first segment of a three part webinar series, on National Library of Medicine (NLM) resources presented by Jim Honour, Wyoming Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM.) This program explores NLM resources for children and educators, with emphasis on environmental health. Visit the following websites to participate in the exercises mentioned in this program:,, (Alternate Link) January, 2012 - 45 minutes

  • Health Sources in GoWYLD databases
    New Year's Resolution to get Healthy? Offering Programs to Seniors? Helping Students with Research? Guiding Patrons to Reliable Information? January, 2012 - 33 minutes

  • Bookclubs, Programming and Gifts - oh my! Novelist and Novelist K-8 for the Holidays
    Do you help your patrons with book/gift giving ideas? Are local book clubs getting ready to make their 2012 reading lists? Will you be recommending holiday reading and amping up your programming in the library? See if Novelist can help. December, 2011 - 36 minutes

  • In Context Databases
    Come take a tour of the In Context databases: Science in Context, Biography in Context, Global Issues in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, U.S. History in Context, World History in Context, and Student Resources in Context. Over 1,800 topic pages linking you to articles, primary source documents, media, and more.For school, public and academic libraries. (Alternate Link). November, 2011 - 35 minutes Note: due to funding issues, some Gale resources mentioned in this webinar may no longer be available.

  • Discover resources for Wyoming Information and History
    Join Chris Van Burgh for part two of our exploration of the variety of homegrown and subscription resources for Wyoming information and history. This month we will focus on subscription resources, such as History Reference Center, CultureGrams, U.S. History in context, and more. August, 2011 - 31 minutes

  • Discover resources for Wyoming Information and History
    Explore "homegrown" Wyoming resources: Wyoming Memory, Wyoming Biography, Wyoming Places, Wyoming Authors, Wyoming Newspaper Project, and a few others. July, 2011 - 28 minutes

  • Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections and LION (Literature Online)
    Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections and LION (Literature Online) are now available statewide through the University of Wyoming's Proquest expansion. LION provides cross-searchable access to many of the resources in the Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections as well as Poets on Screen and Shakespeare Audio Plays. The Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections includes the Bible in English, Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare, and the W.B. Yeats collection. (Alternate Link). June, 2011 - 32 minutes

    Have you ever wondered why a certain place is Wyoming has the name it does? can answer all those questions and more with both current and historical information about Wyoming places. This new website went live on Monday, April 11th. Explore the changes and new features, which weren't available on the previous website, the Wyoming Place Names Wiki. Get searching tips. Learn about future additions. April, 2011 - 34 minutes

  • More Sirs
    In addition to SIRS Issues Researcher, we now have access to SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance, SIRS Discoverer, and SIRS WebSelect. Join Chris Van Burgh for a look at the amazing variety. From Supreme Court Decisions to Visual Arts. Social Issues to Science Fair ideas. Resources for students, grades 1-9 (SIRS Discoverer) and older students (SIRS Issues Researcher). Full-text articles, images, web links. (Alternate Link). March, 2011 - 22 minutes

  • Genetics Home Reference
    Genetics Home Reference (GHR ) is a free, consumer-friendly online resource about genetic conditions plus the genes and chromosomes associated with those conditions. Jim Honour, Wyoming Liaison for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, will provide interesting tips and hands-on exercises designed to familiarize you with its features. January 2011 - 38 minutes

  • Mark Twain
    To start off the year, let’s do something different. Join Chris Van Burgh, as we use Mark Twain to explore a variety of resources: Biography Reference Bank, 19th Century U.S. Newspapers, Novelist, U.S. History in Context, and more. January 2011 - 22 minutes

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Looking over our huge list of resources, do you find yourself wondering what GVRL is? Join Chris Van Burgh as we explore Gale Virtual Reference Library. December 2010 - 18 minutes

  • Do It Yourself Databases
    Whether you want to build a deck, remodel a bathroom, work on your car, stop smoking, write a resume, keep genealogy research records, or learn a language, we have tools for you to Do It Yourself. Chris Van Burgh will show off products from Gale, EBSCO, Learning Express Library, Chilton's, Medline Plus and Health and Wellness Resource Center, Ancestry Library and Mango. October 2010 - 27 minutes

  • Learning Express Library
    Join Chris Van Burgh to learn more about the tutorials, tests, and ebooks found in Learning Express Library. October 2010 - 38 minutes

  • Biograhy Databases
    Authors and artists; sport and rock stars; historical figures and social reformers. Join Chris Van Burgh to learn about all of the GoWYLD resources available to help you locate biographical information. October 2010 - 39 minutes

  • Back to School Resources
    For Public and Schools-a review of tools for students (of all ages), teachers, and the library staff who work with them. We will look at resources for topic exploration and research, citation and bibliography, homework help, books and articles, activities and lesson plans. September 2010 - 54 minutes

  • Genealogy Databases
    Join Elaine Hayes from the Laramie County Library System to learn about the genealogy databases available in Wyoming. May 2010 - 48 minutes

  • Gale for Schools
    Join Chris Van Burgh to learn about the new resources from Gale that are appropriate for students doing research. Kids InfoBits, Student Resource Center, Scribner Writers Series, and the Fine Arts and Music Collection, and for teachers, Educator's Reference Complete. March 2010 - 51 minutes

  • Wyoming Newspaper Project
    Learn about the hundreds of newspapers available in the Wyoming Newspaper Project ( April 2009 - 32 minutes

WYLD Network Webinars

  • WYLD Libraries ILL Migration
    WYLD libraries will begin implementing OCLC's new interlibrary loan product in late summer 2013. This webinar will give an overview of the migration process as WYLD libraries transition from WorldCat/VDX to WorldShare ILL/VDX. (March, 2013 - 17 minutes).

  • WYLD Upgrade - Aug 2012
    Symphony 3.4.1 upgrade for Workflows (quickie)
    Marc explains how to download the workflows update to expedite implementation of the Symphony 3.4.1 upgrade for workflows. He also shows how to setup the -Tabbed- view of the new version of workflows.(July, 2012 - 14 minutes).

  • Introduction to the 3M Cloud Library
    Join Des for an introduction to the WYLD version of the 3M Cloud Library. (June, 2012 - 40 minutes).

  • 3M Cloud Library eBooks
    Covers the standard patron-facing interface using iPad and PC as examples. Shows how patrons can search for and check out e-books. Overview of 3M Discovery Station and how Library Staff will use the Download Station software to transfer e-books to 3M e-readers. (May, 2012 - 76 minutes).

  • Meet the newest WYLD Wizard!
    Join Trish and Marc as they introduce the new Holds On Shelf wizard and discuss how to incorporate it into your work processes. (December, 2011 - 22 minutes).

  • 9XX Ordering
    Do your patrons know which titles will be arriving at their library soon? Are you patrons able to place holds in WYLDCAT for titles you are in the process of purchasing? Join Jack Willmarth and Trish Palluck at 9 a.m. on Wednesday October 26 to learn about the staff and patron benefits of 9XX ordering. You do not need to implement the SIRSI acquisitions module to use 9XX ordering. (October, 2011 - 47 minutes).

  • Usage Statistics
    Have you ever wondered if your library users are making the most of GoWYLD? Desiree Saunders will discuss how usage statistics for the electronic resources are determined. You'll see where to find the stats, learn about custom reports for your library, and limitations in reporting. (Alternate Link).(September, 2011 - 32 minutes).

  • RDA (Resource Description and Access) Basics: Foundations and Background
    Susan Wynne and Tami Morse McGill from the University of Wyoming will provide background for understanding RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new set of cataloging rules which will eventually replace AACR2. Topics include RDA’s development, objectives, principles, and organization, with an emphasis on the data model that underlies its structure. No prior familiarity with RDA, FRBR, FRAD, or other data models is assumed. (September, 2011 - 55 minutes).

  • Working with Series
    Learn how to display series numbering. Compare hitlists for series headings that have been corrected and those that have not been corrected. Examine an authority record for a series and learn what elements in that authority record determine how the series entry should be displayed. Learn how to correct invalid series headings. (July, 2011 - 41 minutes).

  • Stump the WYLD Chump, it's easy
    Brian will click and clack his way through the WYLD Support Team report recently done for the WYLD Annual meeting Then he'll ratchet things up with question and answer time about anything you want to shift into. He will be stumped often and try to change gears so have lots of questions or comments. Watch out, in shameless commerce fashion, Brian will ask what you and your library are doing about the use of social media to reach your service population(s) AND the policy-making or processes used to support those efforts. He even might tell you why he wants to know. (July, 2011 - 33 minutes).

  • Whet your WYLD Apps-etite
    Hungry for some Apps info? Join Desiree and Marc for some appealing "Apps" that are or will be available to you and our WYLD patrons. Apps for your consideration are EBSCO's mobile app, Gale's Access My Library and SirsiDynix's BookMyne which will receive the most attention. Desiree and Marc will be focused on devices running Apple mobile operating system (iOS) or Google's Android OS. App is "an application (program), especially a small one designed for a mobile device" ( Bon appetit. (June, 2011 - 36 minutes).

  • Create a stand-alone self-check station for your library
    Madeleine Mundt and Charles Santos from Teton County show you how WY libraries can easily create their own self-check station using a recycled PC, a scanner, a touch screen monitor and open source software. Self-Checker Manual. (March, 2011 - 15 minutes).

  • Understanding Symphony Policies for the Circulation Map
    Why do items circulate the way they do? Your library’s circulation map can be confusing, but this webinar will explain the way that key policies work together in Symphony to assign loan periods and more to groups of patrons. We will look at live circulation maps in the WYLD system and discuss how they work. We will also look at user and item data in Director’s Station to better understand the way libraries’ current policies are defined.(41 minutes).

  • Introduction to Notice Reports
    Join Marc Stratton to learn about WYLD Notice Reports.(63 minutes).

  • WYLD Standalone/Offline Circulation
    Join Desiree Saunders and Marc Stratton to learn how to use the Standalone/Offline Circulation Features of the Java Workflows Client.(36 minutes).

For School Libraries

Get on the Bus Program Webinars

Other Webinars

  • Library Trustee Resources
    Join the Wyoming State Library for an overview of current and future trustee training and outreach programs and opportunities. Come prepared to share what you are doing to reach trustees in your state and region. Trustee Resources LiveBinder. Wyoming State Library Board Members' Handbook. May, 2015 - 26 minutes

  • Introduction to the Wyoming Government Investment Fund
    Join Mary Keating-Scott for a brief introduction the the Wyoming Government Investment Fund. The Wyoming Government Investment Fund was created July 1, 1996 to provide cash-management investments designed exclusively for Wyoming public entities. In addition, the Fund provides municipal investors with a full range of effective tools for meeting their cash flow and investment needs, including comprehensive investment management services, education and support. WGIF is sponsored by the Wyoming School Boards Association and the Wyoming Association of Municipalities. September, 2014 - 19 minutes

  • Volunteer Liability Coverage from the Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool
    Volunteers, can't work with them, Can't work without them. Things you need to know about using volunteers and the liability risk that goes with using them. Join Bill Miller from the Wyoming Local Government Liability Pool to learn more about your volunteer liability. September, 2014 - 24 minutes

  • Power of Attorney: An Overview for Librarians
    Join us to learn the basics of powers of attorney. Presented by Leora Hoshall from the Wyoming State Law Library. May, 2014 - 10 minutes

  • Wyoming Inventors Database
    Join the Wyoming State Library (WSL) for a webinar on searching the WSL’s homegrown database Wyoming Inventors. This database indexes United States patents from 1867 – Present, in which one or more of the inventors list Wyoming as their state of residence. Each record provides a link to the digital record from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. Learn basic and advanced searching techniques for this fascinating database. May, 2014 - 13 minutes

  • Wyoming Statutes
    Join Matt Swift from the Wyoming State Law Library for an introduction to Wyoming State Statutes (May, 2014 - 12 minutes) and to learn about conducting a legislative history search (May, 2014 - 12 minutes). Visit the Wyoming State Law Library website to learn more.

  • Digital Projects of the National Library of Medicine
    Jim Honour, Wyoming/Member Services Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine presents these two flash sessions of online resources from the National Library of Medicine.
    • Digital Projects. The NLM History of Medicine Division has an awesome collection of digital projects and online exhibitions. We'll take a tour through these areas and discuss how to book a traveling exhibition for your library. April, 2014 - 21 minutes
    • SIS Resources. This session focuses on the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s Specialized Information Services (SIS) Division and its rich resources including: Guide to environmental health & toxicology resources; Where to find resources for K-12 science education and health information special populations; and Disaster Information Management Research Center – resources and tools for disaster preparedness, response and recovery. April, 2014 - 21 minutes

  • Fair Use in Libraries
    Looking for information on Fair Use? Fair Use can be confusing and vague. Join the Wyoming State Library for an informational webinar discussing some of the best resources available for librarians on Fair Use. Confidence in Fair Use decisions is possible! (Fair Use Resources) March, 2014 - 31 minutes

  • Library Outreach to Adults Share Session
    Does your job involve Outreach to Adults that includes delivering library materials or programming? Would you like to meet with others that do similar jobs and find out what works (and doesn't) for them? Plan on attending our very informal Adult Outreach Best Practices program and talking about your interests for your job, your frustrations and meeting others in your same line of work. February, 2014 - 27 Minutes

  • Enroll Wyoming: Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace
    Information about the Affordable Care Act and how to enroll in the marketplace This includes an explanation of health insurance, tax credits, the website and where to get help. Presented by the Wyoming Institute of Population Health which is a part of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. (Alternate Link) December, 2013 - 30 minutes

  • 3D Printing and Libraries
    Learn more about 3D printing technology and how it can be applied to libraries through in-house maker spaces and for rapid prototyping. A live demo of the technology will occur. October, 2013 - 38 minutes

  • Health Care Reform Explained
    Please join Craig Herd, broker with Cheyenne based Personal Financial Solutions, Inc., for an overview of the Affordable Care Act. Craig will talk about current and future healthcare changes as well as the Health Insurance Marketplace for Wyoming residents and small businesses. A question and answer session will follow the presentation. (Slides) September, 2013 - 30 minutes

  • MOOCs and More!
    What's a MOOC? It's a Massive Open Online Course -- higher-level learning coming from top universities, all online, all free. Join Susan Mark to learn how to put your patrons in touch with MOOCs and other quality learning interests that suit their needs.
    Educause: "7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs"
    NMC Horizon Report: 2013 Higher Education Edition
    TED Talk: "Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education"
    Inside Higher Ed: The MOOC Moment
    June, 2013 - 26 minutes

  • Free eBooks You Can Use Offline
    A quick walk-through of sources for free public domain and self-published ebooks. These are materials that are not licensed, do not require log-ins and can be put on your computer or mobile devices permanently. This webinar was developed specifically for prison librarians who do not allow any inmate access to the internet. (Alternate Link) June, 2013 - 22 minutes

  • Uncovering Free and Low Cost Legal Resources
    There are an abundance of free legal research resources available. Some resources provide all of their content for free while others provide a mixture of free and fee-based information. We will review a variety of electronic resources including university and nonprofit organization sites, government sites, and more. As with any resource, we will discover that one legal resource is more valuable than another for particular types of research. Slides. June, 2013 - 14 minutes

  • Legal help, forms, and information for the low-income: Projects at the Wyoming Center for Legal Aid
    Kristin Karr (formerly at the State Law Library, now with the Wyoming Center for Legal Aid) will share information on their website and the help and legal forms available to you and your patrons. (Alternate Link) May, 2013 - 27 minutes

  • Introduction to the Wyoming State Law Library
    The Wyoming State Law Library will be presenting a short orientation of our law library. This webinar will enable public librarians to access and use our resources to better educate and assist their patrons. We will explore our website, including our new research guides as well as examine print and electronic legal resources available to you. April, 2013 - 18 minutes

  • Finding Government Information
    What is the air quality of my community? What are current/past drought conditions for my area? Where do I find this and similar information? Are your patrons in need of reliable information, but you are not exactly sure of where to start? The United States government is one of the largest publishers in the world. The federal government produces vast amounts of information on a multitude of subjects from air travel to zoology in array of formats, including digital and print. Whatever your information needs, the federal government has likely published something useful. Government information is considered authoritative and accurate, and thus highly reliable. In a three part webinar series, the Wyoming State Library will focus on finding federal government information on specific topics and issue of particular interest to Wyoming residents, including Environmental, Energy, and Water. We will explore the extensive federal government online resources available and look at some relevant issues within these areas, such as local air quality, drought monitoring, ground water data, and data on toxic chemical disposal around the U.S.
    Environmental Information. Bibliography March, 2013 - 26 minutes
    Energy Information. Bibliography April, 2013 - 32 minutes
    Water Information. Bibliography May, 2013 - 32 minutes

  • Copyright Basics for Librarians
    Join Karen Kitchens, Intellectual Property Librarian at the Wyoming State Library, for a basic overview of copyright law and fair use as it applies to librarians. Learn to be more confident when providing copyright advice to patrons, students and teachers! Slides September, 2012 - 37 minutes

  • Fundraising Steps with Press Stephens
    Join Press Stephens, formerly with the Wyoming Community Foundation, to learn about the Steps to Take When Faced With a Significant Fundraising Task. Downloadable Checklist. More information about the Library Endowment Challenge can be found here. June, 2012 - 61 minutes

  • Searching Proquest Congressional
    Join the Wyoming State Library in learning basic searching techniques in Proquest Congressional. Proquest Congressional is the most comprehensive online resource available for congressional publications and legislative research. Access the full text of publications dating back as far as the late eighteenth century. May, 2012 - 23 minutes

  • Basic Searching in the Catalog of Government Publications
    In the second of this four-part series, Karen Kitchens discusses the Catalog of US Government Publications. Discover searching strategies using the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP). CGP is the finding tool for electronic and print publications from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. government and contains descriptive records for historical and current publications; providing direct links to those that are available online. May, 2012 - 23 minutes

  • Basic Searching in FDSys (the Federal Digital System)
    Join the Wyoming State Library in learning basic searching techniques using the Federal Digital System (FDSys) and gain access to a wealth of important information produced by the Federal Government. May, 2012 - 22 minutes

  • Weeding Your FedDocs Collection
    Documents Librarian, Karen Kitchens, will discuss the process for moving federal documents to the remote access facility. March, 2012 - 22 minutes

  • Wyoming Talking Books
    Reading is for Everyone! Have you noticed a patron that doesn’t visit the library as often or has read all the large print and audio in your collection? Do you have a student struggling with schoolwork and reading? These patrons may be eligible for a free library service for the print-disabled that can aptly compliment traditional library services. Sara Francis will share information on the Braille and Talking Books program that you can share with your communities. October, 2011 - 35 minutes

  • RDA & AACR2: What's the Difference?
    RDA is the new cataloging standard developed to replace AACR2. Susan Wynne from the University of Wyoming will examine the major differences, view RDA records, discuss the status of implementation plans in U.S. libraries, and consider RDA’s possible effects on catalogers, public services, and users. Download the Slides. October, 2011 - 62 minutes

  • Legal Reference and Resources
    Debora Person, Associate Law Librarian at the University of Wyoming College of Law, provides a background for librarians without legal training to assist patrons in their search for legal materials in this 3-part workshop.
    Legal Instruction for Public Librarians: Getting Started (47:11) - The first session introduces the source of legal information. The first few slides of are missing from the video, so we have included the powerpoint presentation.
    Legal Resources: The Courts and Case Law (47:22) - The second session focuses on Wyoming’s court system and finding cases from Wyoming courts and other jurisdictions.
    Legal Resources: Statutes and Regulations (45:52) - The last sessions covers search tips and explanations of state and federal statutes and regulations available in paper and through free internet sources.

  • Get on the Bus: How to Create a Virtual Library Card on your Smart Phone
    Jesse Sevier, Multi-media and Marketing Specialist for the Wyoming State Library, will present a short webinar to walk through the process of creating a ‘virtual’ library card using your Android smartphone. Android aps mentioned in the presentation: Cardstar, Keyring, and Barcode Scanner. April, 2011 - 16 minutes

  • Free and cost effective library continuing education opportunities
    Join Jamie Markus from the State Library to learn about free and cheap Continuing Education Opportunities for Wyoming library staff members. Learn how you can take a LE@D Course on the State Library’s dime. Program LinksNovember 2010 - 27 Minutes

  • Wyoming Retirement System for Employers
    Join George Eason from the Wyoming Retirement System to learn more about the WRS for employers.September 2010 - 44 minutes

  • Library Support Staff Certification Program
    Join Trish Palluck and Karen Strege to learn about the American Library Association’s Library Support Staff Certification Program. April 2010 - 49 minutes

  • Introduction to GASB 54
    Join Herry Andrews, the Director of Accounting Services at the Laramie County Community College, for a webinar introducing GASB-54. (37 minutes).

  • Comparison Tools: How does my library stack up?
    Libraries collect all sorts of numbers -- circulation, visits, budgets and more. But how do your library's numbers compare with others? Fortunately, there are easy-to-use online tools for public and academic libraries to find peer libraries, compares statistics and view trends. (35 minutes).

  • Volunteer Programs in Wyoming Libraries
    Learn how Andy Angstrom, from the Teton County Library System, and Julie Eatmon, from the Laramie County Library System, run their library volunteer programs, where they find volunteers, tasks that they use volunteers for, how they recognize volunteers, and the pitfalls of using volunteer labor. (54 minutes).
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