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Sweetwater County Library System Board & Foundation

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Library Board
Debbie Bullock, Treasurer
[END OF TERM: June 30, 2019]
Rock Springs, WY

Brenda Casey, Vice Chair
[END OF TERM: June 30, 2020]
Green River, WY

Debbie DeBernardi, Chair
[END OF TERM: June 30, 2018]
Rock Springs, WY

Debbie Leisch
[END OF TERM: November 30, 2020]
Green River, WY

Philip Pyzyna
[END OF TERM: December 31, 2018]
Rock Springs, WY

Foundation Board
Joe Barbuto, Treasurer
Rock Springs, WY 82902

Amanda Bensen
Rock Springs, WY

Tom Gagnon
Rock Springs, WY

R.J. Pieper
Rock Springs, WY

Brad Raney, Chair
Green River, WY

Jill Swanson, Secretary
Green River, WY

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