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Moorcroft Library won the

Most Humorous Float

for the Jubilee Parade!

Our book maker came up with the idea and

 Cindy, Tanya and Nancy

 brainstormed the idea. 

Every library should have a large book worm!




PRESCHOOL STORYTIME every Wednesday at 10:00am to 11:00am for children ages 3 to 5  (stories, finger plays, small craft, snack)

BABY STORY HOUR every Wednesday at 11:15 a.m. for children 6 months to 3 years

over the summer -- they will resume on Wednesday, September 3.

Moorcroft Branch Library continues to accept any book and DVD donations you may have. 

Thank you to the generous parents who have donated snacks and money.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
Dr. SeussI Can Read With My Eyes Shut!


New Adult Books:

BARBARA DELINSKY:  A TIME TO LOVE, Ariell Pasteur had finally found the solitude she craved only to find herself sharing a beach, which brought her painful memories.

CLIVE CUSSLER:  MIRAGE, Juan Cabrillo is going to attempt a heroic rescue, when his companion is fatally wounded, and left him a cryptic message.  Now the attempt is to find out what his friend said.

NANCY ATHERTON:  AUNT DIMITY AND THE WISHING WELL, villagers attend the funeral of Hector Huggins the lonely sad man.  Jack McBride appears to settle the estate of his uncle Mr. Huggins.   Lori Shepherd volunteers to help clear the garden, in doing so she finds a wishing well, makes a wish which comes true.

ELIZABETH LOWELL:  NIGHT DIVER, a tragedy drove Kate Donnelly from the Caribbean forever, and that is until bad management decisions her family made.  They were losing the diving business; therefore they needed Kate’s financial expertise.

CLAIRE CAMERON:  THE BEAR, five-year old Anna awakes to the sounds of someone attacking their camp; it turns out to be a bear.  She and her younger brother manage to paddle away in the canoe to safety.

ANN B. ROSS:  MISS JULIA’S MARVELOUS MAKEOVER, Miss Julia is sitting on her front porch with visions of leisure when a letter arrives from her cousin telling her that her granddaughter Trixie is arriving and she wants Miss Julia to teach her how to be a lady.

TAMARA LINSE:  HOW TO BE A MAN,   a group of short stories in this debut novel.

New Board Book:

WHO AM I? PUPPIES AND KITTENS by DK.  Packed with peepholes and simple facts, this intriguing guessing-game book makes learning about animals fun!

New K-3 Fiction:

BATMAN: BATTLE IN METROPOLIS by John Sazaklis and illustrated by Andy Smith. 

BATMAN: ETERNAL ENEMIES by John Sazaklis and illustrated by Andie Tong.


THERE ONCE WAS A COWPOKE WHO SWALLOWED AN ANT by Helen Ketteman and illustrated by Will Terry.  What happens when a cowboy swallows an ant? Why, he'll just swallow a spider to catch it!  But when that doesn't work, he reckons he'll have to send someone else to rustle up the spider!  So down goes one Texas critter after another—a roadrunner, an armadillo, a...longhorn?

THE DAY WE DANCED IN OUR UNDERPANTS by Sarah Wilson and illustrated by Catherine Stock.  One steamy summer's day, a young boy and his papa, two big dogs, and three wild aunts are invited to visit the King of France.  On picnic day, the air dawned sweet, we overdressed from head to feet...and then the sun began to roast until we felk like buttered toast!  Pages, courtiers, and footmen struggle to keep their cool until, finally, seams split and wigs fly as overdressed ladies and gentlemen abandon their velvet and lace to escape the heat.

CHALK by Bill Thompson.  A rainy day.  Three kids in a park.  A dinosaur spring rider.  A bag of chalk.  The kids begin to draw...and then...magic!

New Junior Fiction:

LULU: AND THE RABBIT NEXT DOOR by Hilary McKay.  Lulu has a new next-door neighbor—with a pet rabbit!  Of course Lulu must become their friend!  But her neighbor doesn't seem to want to be her friend.  Or play with his rabbit.  It's up to Lulu and Mellie to come up with a plan to make Arthur see just how fun rabbits can be!

New Young Adult Fiction:

TIGERS CURSE by Colleen Houck.  The last thing Kelsey Hayes thought she'd be doing this summer was trying to break a 300-year-old Indian curse.  With a mysterious white tiger named Ren, halfway around the world.  But that's exactly what happened.  Face-to-face with dark forces, spellbinding magic, and mystical worlds where nothing is what it seems, Kelsey risks everything to piece together an ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever.

JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman.  When sheltered American good girl Allyson first encounters laid-back Dutch actor Willem at an underground performance of Twelfth Night, there's an undeniable spark.  So when fate brings them together a second time, Allyson takes an uncharacteristic leap, changes course, and follows Willem to Paris.  After just one day together, the spark bursts into a flame...until Allyson wakes up after a whirlwind day shocked to discover Willem is gone. 

DEAR NOBODY: THE TRUE DIARY OF MARY ROSE by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil.  They say high school is supposed to be the best time of your life.  But what if that's just not true?  More than anything, Mary Rose wants to fit in.  To be loved.  And she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.  Even if it costs her her life.  Told through the raw and unflinching diary entries of a real teen, Mary Rose struggles with addiction, bullying, and a deadly secret.  Her compelling story will inspire readers—and remind them that they are not alone.

New Young Adult BOCD:

THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO by Gae Polisner read by Tara Sands.  Four years ago, Francesca Schnell's little brother, Simon, drowned, and Francesca was the one who should have been watching.  Now almost sixteen, guilt keeps her stuck in the past.  At a local country club, she meets four-year-old Frankie Sky, who bears an eerie resemblance to Simon, and Francesca wonders if Frankie could be Simon's reincarnation.  Their surprise friendship leads Francesca to places she thought she'd never dare to go—and it begins to seem possible to forgive herself, grow up, and even fall in love. 



Hours of Operation

Monday & Wednesday
10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Weekends & holidays

  Adult Services

Book discussion groups
Humanities programs
Traveling exhibits

  Library cards

$3.00 for residents
$25.00 deposit for non-residents
Valid driver's license required
Good at any Wyoming library

Address/phone numbers

105 East Converse
PO Box 10
Moorcroft, WY 82721
Phone:  (307) 756-3232
Fax:  (307) 756-3226


Book Discussion Groups

Book Club is held every 2-3 weeks,
depending on the length of the book!

For more information,
contact Nancy Aars at (307) 756-3232


  Checkout periods

Videos & DVDs -- 3 days
Magazines -- 1 week
All other checkouts -- 3 weeks
Items may be renewed once
(if no one else has requested the item)

Library staff

Pamela Jespersen -- Branch librarian
Nancy Aars -- Adult services
Tanya Brekke -- Youth services


  Youth Services

Preschool storytime - Wednesdays, 10-11 a.m., ages 3-5
Baby storytime -- Wednesdays, 11:15 a.m., 6 mo - 3 yr old
After school activities - Wednesdays, 3:45-4:45 p.m., K-6th grade

There will be no AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES or PAJAMA MOVIES over the summer -- they will resume on Wednesday, September 3.

Summer reading program
Seasonal programs/parties
Scholastic Book Fair

  Overdue charges

Videos/DVDs -- $.50/day
Interlibrary loan items -- $.50/day
All other checkouts -- $.05/day

Friends of the Library

Provide funds for unbudgeted items & supplies volunteers to assist with various Library activities

EVERYONE is welcome!
Please come check us out and
get involved in our library family.


  Outreach Services

We will deliver books to shut-ins!
Please phone or email at


  Interlibrary loan request
$3.00 per item out of county
No charge within the county


        Other library fees

Internet access -- FREE
Fax charges -- $1.00 per page
Copies/computer printouts -- $.20/page
$.10/page on your own paper
$.25/page double-sided