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Resource Sharing Council
August 6, 2004
Wyoming State Library

Members present:

Dale Collum, Uinta County Library
Ara Anderson, Campbell County Library
Richard Landreth, Campbell County School District #1
Enid Teeter, UW Libraries
Frances Clymer, McCracken Research Library
Scott Kinney, WYLD Network
Amy Shelley, Laramie County Library System
Jenny Ingram, Wyoming Council for the Humanities
Barbara Oakleaf, Fremont county Library
Lesley Boughton, State Librarian

State Library staff present:

Erin Kinney
Venice Beske
Tina Lackey
Brian Greene
Jerry Krois

Ms. Boughton welcomed the members to the morning meeting of the Resource Sharing Council (RSC).


The Council was updated on library media specialist certification issues discussed in previous meetings. Jerry Krois reported that the State Library had not initiated any actions since the RSC meeting in February and that there may be only a few actions that are appropriate for the State Library, primarily promotion of library media endorsement programs around the region. Janis Bruwelheide of Montana State University and Mary Bushing, a consultant in Montana are hoping to visit with Ms. Boughton via phone to discuss a 4 or 5 day institute in Wyoming in 2005 to use remaining grant funds from MSU's Borderless Access to Training and Education (BATE) online program. Mr. Krois said that at this point in time we have no idea what such an institute would require of the State Library, the impact on the current Information Power course each summer, and relationship to current or future library media specialists. Other than the five Wyoming individuals enrolled in the BATE program there is no data student data or interest. A conference call is planned for mid-August and information will be shared with the RSC. Ms. Boughton asked Mr. Landreth to carry this discussion of library media endorsement to the attendees of Information Power 5 to be held in Casper later in August to obtain additional comments and recommendations.

Krois reported that the University of Missouri has offered its last graduate level class in the state due to declining enrollment. Individuals can continue to take courses via the Internet and complete the program with some hours on campus. With the increased number of online graduate level programs now available, library workers have a choice of institutions in which to study.

Krois reported that individuals continue to register for the Salt Lake Community College library technician certificate program and those hours can now be transferred into the Associates of Arts in library science at Pueblo (CO) Community College.

LSTA grants to individuals and Carol McMurry Library Endowment grants continue to support library workers for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Database Products

Ms. Boughton reported to the Council that the WYLD Network had voted to eliminate it's Resource Sharing Committee and Database Products Committee and that this Council would take over and broaden discussions on those issues.

Ara Anderson, now chair of the RSC Resource Sharing subcommittee, reported that the review of electronic databases would use a new calendar with the suggestion process beginning in September and actual previews starting in January. The subcommittee and colleagues statewide will have two issues: start evaluating the value of existing databases, and identify how voting patterns affect the recommendations. With this new calendar, recommendations can be forwarded to the state librarian in the summer of 2005 for possible inclusion in the state library's budget request for the 2007/2008 biennium.

Ms. Boughton reported to the RSC that University students can now access the statewide licensed databases with the changes that were made effective in July with new contracts.

Amy Shelley reported that Laramie County Library System will begin piloting to students, parents and teachers in Laramie County School District #1. With this project all parties will be able to determine if there is continuing local value and possible statewide value. The state library will provide LSTA funds for the one year project.

Interlibrary Cooperation and Resource Sharing

Ms. Boughton reported that with the upgrade to VDX release 2.7 the state library has purchased licensing to add schools to this interlibrary loan management system as borrows. Because most school library collections are not in WYLD the borrowing function is appropriate. Ms. Beske added that knowledge of the Interlibrary Loan Codes in the region and nation will become more important to Wyoming libraries because they will be able to identify out of state libraries owing titles when using Sirsi's Z-Portal product and the link to OCLC.


Tina Lackey outlined the statewide marketing initiative that will begin in 2005. A statewide marketing team will work with a consulting firm that has extensive library marketing experience to develop a three year plan that promotes libraries. A meeting will be held in late September to develop the marketing elements and a report will be given to the directors at their retreat in September and to the WLA membership at the annual conference in October. The introduction of the Wyoming Library Roundup with themes and underwriting of Between the Lions on KCWC-TV on behalf of the Wyoming Library Community starting later this year are two actions that will start drawing attention to the work of librarians and the programs that are collectively offered.


Ms. Beske reported that a statewide planning meeting is scheduled for the end of August to identify the components of the plan (standards, equipment recommendations, training, grants, and evaluation) and project themes. The current committee will meet the first day of the meeting to clarify the components and the second day will include a demonstration on Sirsi's Digital Heritage product. The state library is working with the Wyoming Business Council and The Wyoming Planning Association to scan local planning documents. The library is also working with the Secretary of State to scan Wyoming trademarks into a database accessible by the public.

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)

Ms. Boughton distributed a letter sent to our Congressional Delegation on the projects being undertaken with the increase in federal funds beginning this current year. Those include: Heritage Quest, a genealogy database

Cochrane Library Databases, a medical database Fretwell-Downing Interlibrary Loan Management System licensing for schools Marcive GPO Records Management Digitization Planning Tutor.Com pilot project
Mr. Krois added that several of these project have outcomes that need to be documented through Outcomes Based Evaluation (OBE) as sought by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Heritage Quest database is already being included in an OBE end user survey with AncestryPlus to determine researcher value of these two resources.

In an "around the table" discussion, the RSC attendees identified projects activities in their libraries or within the library community including: Summer reading programs using the multi-state cooperative program, the lack of support for any public library districting bill, digitization and technology projects at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and a sustainability program at the Wyoming Library Association conference as follow-up to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project.

Ms. Boughton adjourned the meeting stating that information from the work of the Interlibrary Loan, Digitization, Marketing, and Database Products subcommittees would be shared with the members as their reports are sent to her. No date was set for the next meeting.

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