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Resource Sharing Council - Minutes
Aug. 11, 2000
Casper, WY

Attendees: Kathy Carlson, Vickie Hoff, Jan Segerstrom, Marcia Wright, Ada Howard, Keith Cottam, Debbie Sturman, Karen Hopkins, Laurie Lye, Michelle Havenga, Shelly King and Lynnette Anderson. From the Wyoming State Library, Lesley Boughton, Jerry Krois, Linn Rounds, Joe French, Venice Beske, Brian Greene and Bobbi Thorpe.

Facilitator: Sue Walters Clarke.

The meeting was opened with introductions by attendees.

The group reviewed the 21 issues for Wyoming libraries to consolidate those issues that where appropriate.

The purpose was to refine the number of issues and put like things together.

The top four issues to address continue to be:

  • Education and Leadership

    Initially this was "Education and Training," but the group agreed that training overlaps many topics. Education means formal education, paraprofessional development and ongoing staff development.

    Mentoring issues are merged into this issue. Issues relating to distance education are added to this leading issue.

    Information power training is included in this issue. The subcommittee addressing issues includes: Frances Clymer, Crys Stratton, Keith Cottam, Bobbi Thorpe and Jerry Krois.

  • Marketing and Development

    Initially referred to as "Marketing and Advocacy," this issue will identify outputs needed to promote Wyoming libraries to residents.

    Communications within communities is merged into this issue.Collaborative fundraising is added to the breadth of this issue as is a statewide library card.

    The subcommittee consists of: Vickie Hoff, Linn Rounds, Michelle Havenga, Kathy Carlson and Joe French.

  • Information Power

    This term represents the broad support and inclusion of school libraries in library development.

    The introduction of the "Big 6" and ongoing relationship with other types of libraries is important, so that students continue to use and support libraries beyond high school.

    Childhood education is merged into this issue. The subcommittee is: Jan Segerstrom, Shelly King, Ada Howard, Lesley Boughton and Brian Greene.

  • Collections and Resource Development

    This phrase replaces "Internet and Collection Development" and will include proposed outputs such as a portal page for public access to library and Wyoming resources addressed within this issue, as will electronic database licensing, statewide collection development and interlibrary loan and cooperation.

    The subcommittee members are: Laurie Lye, Marcia Wright, Debbie Sturman and Venice Beske. Karen Hopkins, chairwoman of the WYLD Database Products Committee, also attended the issue meeting.

The remaining issues identified in the May 2000 meeting stand alone since the group could not categorize them into the four lead themes.

Those stand alone issues are: shared facilities, libraries involvement in e-commerce cooperation, politics of the state library within state government, WYLD, and Intellectual freedom.

The LSTA role of the council will have to be addressed as the five-year evaluation plan is developed and a new five-year plan is designed.

Each subcommittee identified segmentation, goals, objectives, action steps, resources and evaluation for projects within their assignment.

For purpose of this summary only goals are identified.

Additional information can be obtained from the state library liaisons to the subcommittees.

Education and Leadership: Goals

  1. To provide for professional education at the graduate level and school media center endorsement.
  2. To provide for continuing education and certification of continuing competencies.
  3. To provide for the development of leadership skills.

Marketing and Development: Goals

  1. To understand attitudes of political leaders and residents concerning libraries.
  2. To conduct a campaign to reposition libraries in the public mind and bolster library support.
  3. To develop informational products that help staff and residents use libraries better.

Information Power: Goals

  1. To support the implementation of Information Power across the state of Wyoming.
  2. To keep libraries in the planning effort for state government's use of e-business.

Collection and Resource Development : Goal

  1. To ensure information equity to Wyoming residents by identifying, selecting and sharing resources.

The group, guided by facilitator Clarke, developed a mission statement for the Resource Sharing Council:

Provide progressive leadership to develop partnerships to position all types of Wyoming libraries so that residents and leaders recognize the information power, resources and skills available to citizens throughout the state.

The group agreed that another meeting was not necessary this fall but that a spring meeting to report on actions and outputs would be appropriate.

The meeting was concluded at approximately 4 p.m.

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