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Resource Sharing Council
Exhibition and Gallery Room
Laramie County Library System
February 13, 2004

Amy Shelley, Representing Youth Services
Ara Anderson, Representing WYLD Database Products Committee
Barbara Oakleaf, Representing Public Libraries
Carey Hartmann, Representing WLA
Cathy Butler, Representing the WYLD Foundation
Dale Collum, Representing Public Libraries
Ed Downes, Representing Library Media Specialists
Frances Clymer, Representing Special Libraries
Jenny Ingram, Representing the Public
Kathy Carlson, Representing Special Libraries
Leslie Davies, Representing Library Media Specialists
Lori Philips, Representing the University Libraries
Marilyn Heiner, Representing WYLD Resource Sharing Committee
Richard Landreth, Representing Library Media Specialists
Scott Kinney, Representing the WYLD Network
Jack Mueller, State Library Board
Dail Barbour, State Library Board
Bonnie Hefenieder, State Library Board
John Jorgensen, State Library Board
De Dee Roberts, State Library Board
Brian Greene, State Library
Venice Beske, State Library
Tina Lackey, State Library
Jerry Krois, State Library
Jill Rourke, State Library
Chris Van Burgh, State Library
Trish Palluck, State Library
Erin Kinney, State Library
Marc Stratton, State Library
Lesley Boughton, State Librarian

Ms. Boughton called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. in the Exhibition and Gallery Room at the Laramie County Library System.

Licensed Databases Update: Ara Anderson and Erin Kinney reported that fifty-nine databases were reviewed last year and reduced to the five for which additional funding is requested in the State Library's budget. If funded Ms. Anderson suggested that there will need to be a significant emphasis on training so librarians can effectively use these databases and support their users during the biennium. Ms. Boughton stated there is also interest in the Cochrane Library databases which are health databases geared toward health professionals and researchers.

Database Training: Richard Landreth and Chris Van Burgh reviewed the successful training session that was used to get students in the Gillette alternative school interested in research and writing. Titled "Murder, Mystery and Mayhem" the cooperative project with staff from Campell County Library, Gillette schools and the State Library provided the students, teachers, and teaching aides training in using the statewide databases for their projects and getting them into libraries to find resources for their writing projects.

Wyoming Library Roundup: Ms. Boughton and Carey Hartmann announced that the State Library and Wyoming Library Association will bring back this joint publication to provide a professional publication about libraries and librarianship in the state. The publication will include reviews of new Wyoming titles and authors, in-depth stories on people and projects, and interviews. The publication will appear 3 or 4 times a year with distribution to WLA members, other state libraries, graduate schools, legislators and other individuals or organizations.

Library Marketing: Tina Lackey was introduced as the new Publications and Marketing Manager at the State Library. Ms. Lackey announced that she has been assigned to coordinate a statewide campaign promoting libraries and library services. Peggy Barber and Linda Wallace, both formerly with the American Library Association, will come to Cheyenne to provide Tina and a committee with information that can help the campaign be successful.

Interlibrary Loan Best Practices: Venice Beske reported for the ILL Committee on a document "Wyoming Libraries Interlibrary Loan Vision and Best Practices" that encourages libraries to adopt the fourteen points that make ILL a tool for cooperative resource sharing and support library users in their search for information.

Fretwell-Downing Introduction: Marc Stratton and Trish Palluck demonstrated the VDX (Virtual Document Exchange) software that was purchased for interlibrary loan transactions. They showed how the product appears transparent to the end user but required sophisticated development. The Wyoming use of VDX is unique in that the software is integrated with WYLD Cat while other large customers run their public access catalog and VDX software as two separate packages. An interface to search the University's Ferret (PAC) also exists so transactions can be submitted to UW Libraries. Fretwell-Downing's Z-Portal, a federated search product, is being prepared by the WYLD Group. Z-Portal enables a single search to reach a variety of targets, including Wyoming's licensed databases.

Western Trails Digitization Project: Ms. Beske and Ms. Kinney reported on the Western Trails Digitization Project that five Wyoming institutions and agencies participated in developing as part of the multi-state IMLS project managed by the Colorado Digitization Project. The Wyoming project has been recognized by Sirsi and other vendors for the quality of metadata describing the images digitized for the project. The images are online at

Library Media Specialist Certification: Jerry Krois reported for the LMSC committee on the proposal by Keith Cottam, Dean of the Casper Program, to restart a certification program in Casper. There is interest in a cohort program in Casper and the Dean of Education has submitted a letter of intent to the Professional Training Standards Board (PTSB) to seek their approval if the University proceeds. The Committee has also opened communications with Montana State University since an online program is available. The committee will need to promote programs to interested students at the University and library aides working in school libraries.

Librarian Education: Jill Rourke reported on the nine hour library technician certificate available through Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) and discounted tuition that is offered to Wyoming library workers. The University of Missouri plans to present Principles of Cataloging and Classification as a web-assisted course with a long weekend session in Laramie. A course on Information Technology will be offered in the fall and may be the last course with a classroom component offered in the state due to the lack of class enrollment. The number of online graduate programs has increased significantly since starting a program with Missouri and students will have many options through Missouri or other institutions. An Associates Degree in library science is available through Pueblo (CO) Community College and the SLCC hours are transferable. Communications will continue with all these institutions to assist library workers advance in their knowledge in our profession.

Planning Discussion: a digitization subcommittee was identified to develop a statewide digitization plan with appropriate standards. The committee will consist of Dail Barbour, Frances Clymer, Ara Anderson, a Sheridan County Library representative, a Laramie County Library representative and the existing working group. They will report back to the RSC at the next meeting on a plan and funding mechanism.

Cathy Butler informed the RSC that the WYLD Foundation will become the Wyoming Libraries Foundation if approved by the WYLD libraries at the annual business meeting in May. With the change the foundation can become more robust in seeking grants and supporting library projects for the state.

John Jorgensen reported on the Sue Jorgensen Foundation in Casper that provides reading grants to some 900 students in Casper schools. Each student can select one title from a reading list and the Foundation will purchase the book for the student. John also reported that the Foundation has been asked to help distribute some $400,000 in Zoobooks titles to elementary schools. Ms. Boughton commented that the State Library may be able to assist in the distribution.

Ms. Boughton reported that Debbie Iverson from Sheridan College Library will chair a special committee to study access for University of Wyoming students to the databases licensed through the State Library. Vendors have excluded those students in the contracts and in order to declare that these databases are accessible to all Wyoming residents we need to ensure that the students. The committee is to report back to Ms. Boughton at the end of April on the vendor response and costs to update the contracts.

LSTA Discussions: The State Library has received notice that its allocation for the current year is increased by $137,327. The RSC was asked to brainstorm on projects for this added money and comments included: a school library initiative, education grants to become library media specialists, conferencing technology to support WLA and MPLA, interlibrary lending postage costs support, support for costs of the Cooperative Summer Reading Program, licensing Heritage Quest, and digitization grants. The State Library will review these in detail and report back to the RSC at the next meeting on actions taken.

Calendar: Ms. Boughton reported that the RSC will be reconvened in late summer to review committee work and identify emerging issues.

Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

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