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Resource Sharing Council Information--January 2003

A meeting of the State Library's Resource Sharing Council was convened in Cheyenne on January 30, 2003. This Council serves as a "think tank" for statewide issues related to library cooperation, sharing of resources, professional development, and LSTA supported programs.

State Librarian Lesley Boughton invited the following individuals to participate in this meeting:

Kay Carlson representing the Wyoming Library Association
Lynnette Anderson representing the WYLD Network
Amy Shelley representing Youth Services
Ara Anderson representing Database Products Committee
Barbara Oakleaf representing Public Libraries
Cathy Butler representing Public Libraries
Dale Collum representing Public Libraries
Marilyn Heiner representing WYLD ILL committee
Ed Downes representing School Library Media Specialists
Leslie Davies representing School Library Media Specialists
Frances Clymer representing Special Libraries
Kathy Carlson representing Special Libraries
Lori Phillips representing the University of Wyoming Libraries
Jenny Ingram representing the public
Anna Sapp representing the Wyoming Department of Education
Jack Mueller, State Library Board chair
Bonnie Hefenieder, State Library Board
Denice Wheeler, State Library Board
Doug Bryant, State Library Board
Venice Beske, State Library
Linn Rounds, State Library
Joe French, State Library
Erin Kinney, State Library
Chris Van Burgh, State Library
Jill Rourke, State Library
Norma Cloyd, State Library
Jerry Krois, State Library

Outcomes of the meeting:

The state librarian announced the planned introduction of Fretwell-Downing's FDX product that provides each participating library flexibility in dealing with holds and interlibrary loans. Training is anticipated to begin in April of this year so that the product can be full functional during the second half of 2003. To accommodate this product and possible changes in interlibrary cooperation a new statewide Interlibrary Loan Manual will be developed under the direction of Venice Beske, manager of statewide information services at the state library. A subcommittee of the RSC will work with her to develop the guidelines and practices needed. The project team consists of Marilyn Heiner, Ed Downes, Kathy Carlson, Jenny Ingram, and a University Libraries representative.

A selection of online databases to consider adding to the statewide menu needs to be presented to the state librarian by August of this year. Ara Anderson and Erin Kinney will coordinate the identification of databases and obtain access to them for statewide evaluation and recommendations. This process will identify those databases for which new funding will be requested in the state library's biennial budget that is prepared in September of this year and effective in July, 2004. Dale Collum, Frances Clymer and Leslie Davies will also serve on this project team.

The RSC discussed issues related to library/media specialists: certification, education, and retention. Because the University of Wyoming does not have a library/media endorsement program anyone interested in the certification must go to an out of state school or study online. Additionally there is no advocate for school librarians in many school districts or in the Wyoming Department of Education. The RSC recommended to the state librarian that a subcommittee study the issues of library/media specialists and to offer recommendations for actions. The project team includes Jack Mueller, Amy Shelley, Ed Downes, Leslie Davies and Jerry Krois.

The state librarian will reconvene the Council when the subcommittees have completed their recommendations later this year.

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