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Resource Sharing Council
February 4, 2005
Historic Plains Hotel, Cheyenne, WY

Members present:

Ara Anderson, Campbell County Library
Kathy Carlson, Wyoming State Law Library
Frances Clymer, McCracken Research Library
Dale Collum, Uinta County Library
Leslie Davies, Lowell Elementary School Library
Ed Downes, Douglas High School Library
Marilyn Heiner, Star Valley Branch Library
Jenny Ingram, Wyoming Council for the Humanities
Scott Kinney, WYLD Network
Richard Landreth, Conestoga Elementary School Library
Karen Lange, LCCC Library
Jack Mueller, Wyoming State Library Board
Barbara Oakleaf, Fremont County Library
Lori Phillips, UW Libraries
De Dee Roberts, Wyoming State Library Board
Debbie Schlinger, Wyoming Library Association
Jan Segerstrom, Jackson Hole High School Library
Amy Shelley, Laramie County Library System

State Library staff present:

Lesley Boughton, State Librarian
Venice Beske
Joe French
Brian Greene
Erin Kinney
Jerry Krois
Tina Lackey
Trish Palluck
Desiree Saunders
Marc Stratton
Bobbi Thorpe
Jack Willmarth

Jim Connor, Association of Library Trustees and Advocates
Mike Roberts

State Librarian Lesley Boughton called the meeting to order at 10:00 am at the Historic Plains Hotel in Cheyenne. All the attendees were invited to introduce themselves.

The meeting began with a presentation of "My WYLD" by Desiree Saunders and Marc Stratton. This is a feature that will link WYLD Cat database records to Fretwell-Downing's VDX to increase personal management of interlibrary loan transactions, holds placed on books and federated searching. In response to the question of federated searching including all of the statewide databases Stratton and Saunders noted that the database product has to be Z39.50 compatible and CQ Researcher is not one of those products. Another comment was made that the product is very sophisticated and may not be of interest to a lot of users. A response was offered that younger users are growing up with many computer-based tools and they would find this product highly desirable.

A Resource Sharing update was provided by Trish Palluck. The State Library is testing the VDX link to OCLC in February and March with a release of the applications planned later in the spring. This feature will connect each library directly to the OCLC's interlibrary loan features and remove the State Library from serving as the intermediary for out of state transactions.

Venice Beske reported on the completion of the digitization plan based upon the statewide meeting held in August. The Wyoming newspaper project will be emphasized as the first project and will be initiated later in 2005 subject to a request for earmarked IMLS funding.

The Electronic Resources Committee report was presented by Ara Anderson. The committee is working to present a package of fifteen databases for statewide review this spring and then offer a final set of recommendations to the state librarian this summer for inclusion in the next biennial budget request. Automotive repair databases continue to be of interest but statewide licensing is cost prohibitive based on vendor arrangements. The committee wants to avoid duplication in databases selected and will consider terminating licenses in order to offer a broader scope of topics. There has been contact with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Development in establishing a partnership to introduce the Learn-A-Test online product. One attendee noted some of our new database might be focused more select groups of users rather that trying to reach large groups with general interest databases.

Venice Beske and Karen Lange discussed the need to re-invigorate cooperative collection development in the state. Some libraries are no longer interested in retaining journal titles that they once agreed to hold. Additionally, paper copies of the indexes need to be retained since many libraries have either cancelled or plan to cancel the paper indexes due to online searching tools. Venice is seeking a work group within the Resource Sharing Committee to address some of these issues.

A report on school library issues was made by Jerry Krois. He reported that Montana State University has a balance of its grant for Borderless Access to Training and Education (BATE) and with some funding support from the State Library can offer a one-time institute on school librarianship to create a pool of prospective school librarians. This will be held in the state this summer. The University of Wyoming continues to make plans to begin offering courses in school librarianship in Casper once approvals are made by the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB).

Tina Lackey reported on the plan that has been developed for statewide marketing of libraries. The committee met this summer with two consultants to design the plan and Tina has selected an advertising agency to develop the products. An internal marketing effort will be the first stage wherein library workers will be introduced to the marketing goals and the advertising initiatives. This will be followed by the external marketing to residents focusing on the value of Wyoming libraries.

Lesley Boughton announced that the Resource Sharing Council would be called together later this summer to review and provide input to the statewide projects.

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