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The Central Acquisitions program was established many years ago. The idea for this program was that libraries could save money through bulk purchasing and other services provided through the State Library. Through the years, the program has seen changes. However, in the past 5 years the program has seen a tremendous amount of growth and change. The objective of the program is to still make every effort to save money, but also to help make your job as a librarian easier. To do this, customer service has become the number one priority and improving on the services that are provided. Thanks to all program users, new and old. The opportunity to server you is appreciated.


Fund Accounts

The Wyoming State Library Central Acquisitions office will provide your library with as many fund accounts as necessary. Libraries will be provided with a monthly report that reflects their current balance. Central Acquisitions can also provide a report that will give libraries a detailed account of their funds activities.


When ordering through the Central Acquisitions office, libraries should have enough funds in their account to cover the order. All orders that are processed through the Central Acquisitions office are shipped direct to the libraries.

The WSL Central Acquisitions office provides several different ordering options.

Libraries can mail, fax, email or phone the office. Order forms can be supplied by CACQ if needed, or users can create their own. Certain information is required: title, author, ISBN, or order ID (if available) and unit cost. If libraries need the materials to be ordered from a specific vendor, they will need to provide the vendor's name. If a certain vendor is not specified, CACQ will order from a supplier that will provide the best deal. If a vender is specified, CACQ will order direct.

  • Libraries can order direct from a vendor and then have the vender invoice the WSL Central Acquisitions office. If the Central Acquisitions office receives a discount from the vendor, libraries will receive the same discount.
  • Libraries can also purchase locally or from a salesman who visits their school with an offer that can't be refused. The invoice is sent to the Central Acquisitions office and will be paid from their funds. Libraries can order what they want from the vendor of their choice. This program does not promote one vendor over another, but Central Acquisitions staff will try to answer questions about vendor products and services.


Invoices generally are not paid until the Central Acquisitions office has been notified that the order materials have been received, are correct and are not damaged. However, if a library fails to notify the office, invoices will be paid in two weeks. (Payment of the invoices in a timely manner helps the office to maintain discount rates.) If a problem does arise after payment, staff will work with the library to solve the matter.

Problem resolution

CACQ is also there to handle those small, and at times, very frustrating problems that can arise with vendors. Staff will handle everything from returning materials to payment questions.



Because of the volume that the WSL does with some vendors, the Central Acquisitions office can receive anywhere from 10 percent to 15 percent more in discounts. With some vendors, the office also receives free shipping. The State Library receives discounts from vendors such as Demco, Brodart and Highsmith on library supplies and furniture. Discounts are not guaranteed with all vendors because all vendors do not give discounts. However, central Central Acquisitions will try to get libraries the best deal possible.

Dollar savings

Not only can CACQ save you dollars because of larger discounts, but the services provided can save money at the staff and administration level.

The CACQ office will handle the ordering of materials, the payment of invoices and resolve any problems the might arise with vendors. It is estimated that it costs $20 to write just one check. This is based on staff and administrative time, bank charges and other variable costs; this is a hidden but real cost.

For example, if a business office writes 10 checks a year for different vendors, the cost to the library's budget is $200. However, if the library had to write only one or two checks a year to deposit funds with the State Library, the real dollar savings would be tremendous.

Time savings

Acting as a part-time employee for libraries in the state, CACQ can free up time so staff can help clientele. Library staff should not have to spend hours placing orders with vendors or dealing with vendors over processing or shipping problems.

Earn interest

An Central Acquisitions account with the State Library will earn interest based on the level of service provided. The account will earn 2 percent, 4 percent or 6 percent based on the client's monthly balance.

Voyager Account

Interest earned on accounts with the State Library is now based on the level of service that is provided by the Central Acquisitions office.

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